Teignmouth and The Ness

It's been pretty rainy today but not as heavy as we were led to expect. We had arranged to put up the marquee at the venue where we're playing our charity fundraiser tomorrow. We'd arranged it for 11 o'clock but the forecast indicated that time to be the time of the heaviest rain so yesterday I rearranged that time to 4pm in the hope that it would be lighter if not completely gone. I seem to have got that spot on and the day had dried up nicely. I'm sure you probably know from putting up tents that it's a rotten job in the rain. It's even worse with a marquee, although this is not a huge one just enough to provide a little shelter for the band. The vocalists will be outside in front of it, looking up the large garden which rises up in amphitheatre style.

With sufficient people to help, it went up well and we soon got all the bits fastened together. Tomorrow is set to be a fine day which is great because that's when we need to get all the PA and lights in place and of course we want fine weather so everyone comes out to enjoy the music and more importantly, to put the contents of their purses and wallets into the bucket for our local hospice. We already have some contributions from people who are unable to come but have sent money anyway.

On my way back I stopped off for my blip. It's a misty shot from the valley side with a view across the fields to Teignmouth and The Ness in the distance with Shaldon Bridge crossing the estuary.

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