It is decidedly cooler today, but at least it’s not raining - yesterday was a complete washout, except that we went round to some friends for a meal, which saved me cooking, and we had a great evening with them, reminiscing about our younger days.  

This morning I looked up the theme for the Mono Monday challenge and wondered what I could do for “balance”.  I don’t have any old scales with weights, so when I popped down to Morrisons for a few bits and pieces, saw the digital scales on the deli counter and thought they would make a good Blip.  I asked the man using them if he would mind being in my photograph and when I explained about Blip, he was happy to oblige - as was Joan, who was standing behind him and who served me later.

So meet Kevin and Joan, two very friendly and smiley faces at Morrisons - and a Gold Star to them both for their excellent service this morning.  Actually, I find that most of the people who serve me there are happy and friendly - which makes shopping so much easier - Kevin asked to see my Blip, so I will print off a copy for both of them and take it next time I go down to do some shopping.  

Home now and I must admit I bought two apple and custard lattice slices to have with our coffee - I understand there are no calories in these on a Bank Holiday Monday, especially when the sun isn’t shining!

“Quality in a service or product 
     is not what you put into it. 
It is what the customer 
     gets out of it.” 
Peter Drucker

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