By biddy

Rogue sunflower.

I took the photo at this angle to show that the sunflower is growing of through the berberis on the garage wall, in the sparse soil below.
I did not plant this one and it could have been left by the nuthatch at some point as he loves hiding the seeds in crevices and cracks at times. It may have just fallen out of one. 
    Either way this one has been determined to survive! 
 It has gone through the heat when there was no rain for several weeks, then deluged by downpours. 
However the recent steady rain has see it grow apace!
I hope we get to see the result before we go on holiday in two weeks time. 
 The evenings are now darker earlier, and the lamps here  at home are switched on before 7.00 pm. 
It has been colder at night over the weekend so much so that I dug out my hot water bottle! 
Autumn is almost upon us, and I always feel melancholy at the slipping away of the summer. 
At least this year we feel as if we actually had one, but how soon we forget those sunny days, blue skies and warm evenings.......    

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