There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Humble Bumble

My morning travels took me to the Arboretum to check on the progress of things. The news from there is this. A new lotus bud is getting ready to bloom sometime later this week. The "salt shaker" seed pod from the prior bloom has been removed. (By someone from the Arboretum, one hopes; in prior years, I've seen them use the seed pods as decorations on the Christmas tree.)

The birds are quite active, and the bumblebees are very busy and well fed. This particular bee was huge, and it was moving slowly, its wings still damp with dew. Those purple flowers seemed lovely and I imagine from the look of things that they were very tasty too.

Here's a song about bees and honey, and love too, of course; for it's love that makes the world go 'round. Here's Van Morrison with Tupelo Honey. My favorite viewer comment: I wish this song would never end.   :-)

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