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By IvarBlipS


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Managed another short stretch in my new 'project' to walk the length of the Forth & Clyde Canal late on Monday afternoon and early evening. Took the train from Greenfaulds (Cumbernauld) to Anniesland and walked from there down to Temple Locks, where I had finished the previous time.

It's just over a mile (maybe nearing two miles) from there to Stockingfield Junction, where the Canal splits into two - the 'main' canal continuing towards Falkirk and Grangemouth, while the 'Glasgow Branch' goes in towards the city at Spiers Wharf. That is for another day.

On the way to Stockingfield, I passed the magnificent Maryhill Locks, pictured above. Built originally between 1787-90 there is a 40-foot drop between the water level at the top lock (Lock 21)  and the bottom lock (Lock 25), and there are oval basins between the locks to allow boats to pass whilst in transit. The lowest lock leads out onto an aqueduct which carries the canal over the River Kelvin (see extra). The whole complex really is a fantastic piece of engineering.

I now have a dilemma: do I include the Glasgow Branch in my 'coast to coast' walk (there are quite a few points of interest along the way) or do I just make my next stretch the route from Stockingfield to Cadder? I am leaning towards the latter, but may change my mind!

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