Eye Contact

The penultimate “30 Days of Composition” challenge and one I was not looking forward to at all. I like taking portrait pics, but putting them onto a public site is not something I feel confident about doing. I would have to find something inanimate.

And then walking across to the Precinct at lunchtime I encountered a young lady with a Barn Owl perched on her shoulder. A 10 month female bred in captivity. I somehow didn’t ask the obvious question - why was she walking around with an owl. I was too entranced by the bird, close up it’s markings are beautiful.

After work we made a spur of the moment decision to go for a pizza at the Quays. Another encounter - preparations are in hand for Antiques Roadshow. The object in the extra is probably the largest one to be mulled over tomorrow. It’s a totem pole, North American art donated to Salford by the Namgis Tribe of British Columbia in the 1960’s I am sure an extra does not count for the WidWed challenge, but I have tagged this anyway). After our meal we encountered Fiona Bruce and the AR crew all heading somewhere, no doubt prep’s for tomorrow.

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