Today we went to Avon Valley Country Park and had a brilliant time. The boys played in the (huge) outdoor and indoor playgrounds, we rode on the little land train, had a ride on the tractor, looked at all the animals (and fed some) and enjoyed ice cream. And the sun shone :-) The perfect end to the summer holidays.

I've really enjoyed the summer holidays. I've had a chance to spend some fantastic quality time with the boys and will miss Theo next week when he's back at school - and I imagine Henry will miss him even more.

Today's blip is of Theo going down the big slide - he loved it and went down 4 times! Henry has even less fear than Theo (possibly on an unhealthy level) and enjoyed throwing himself down the biggest scariest slide that older children were avoiding. I think I might have trouble (and nightmares) as these 2 get older!

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