Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

One Street

I tracked my son-in-law home first thing this morning and although his plane came over the house I did not get a picture. I had taken a test picture of a plane before his and I was using a proper camera and a long lens. However, the sky was a uniform grey and it did not focus on the plane; my daughter, in her garden got a picture using her phone. I think there is something to be said for phone cameras and I wonder why I usually use a proper one!
The postman came and brought me a parcel from Australia containing, amongst other things some beautiful green yarn, which is a bamboo and cotton mix; not something I have seen before. I have found a lovely shawl knitting pattern using the four different colours; it also has a crocheted border, which I can now do; another “work in progress”. I have posted an extra of the goodies that I received this morning.
I was just about to post a picture for today when I heard a noise outside. After resurfacing the lane they are now replacing the yellow lines, so this is my picture today; it was taken with my iPhone!!! This lane forms part of my “One Street”, where I am recording the changes, over the years.

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