Desperately seeking

By clickychick


First thing this morning The Man and I went out to our holiday lodge to see #1 Daughter, Son-in-Law and eleven month old Daniel. We were just about to leave for work when my phone rang, it was The Mother feeling ill. By the time we got back home she was a bit better. So off to work I went to relieve Rachel who had opened up the shop for me in the meantime. Such a good job #2 Daughter was available on the phone to answer questions like "Where do the lights turn on?"

In the afternoon I got another call from The Mother feeling ill again. That was it! I locked the shop up and went home to call the doctor. At 2.45 we were given a 6 o'clock appointment and after 7pm we saw the doctor.

Now we were all supposed to be picked up at 5pm to go for an evening meal at the lodge but with this happening The Mother couldn't go, Daniel went to bed and S & R had to eat without us.

The Man and I got there eventually to a lovely dinner which had been kept warm for us. Thanks S & R!

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