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By Jeanneb53

Edafest Day 3

Silly Granny.
What can I say - first day in charge and look what happens!

In my defence, this was before 8.00 am and I was making a quick cup of tea for my daughter before she went to work. I knew Eda had made for these cans by the recycling box (I wonder who left them out!?) and as I had rinsed them I thought they were a better option than the cat food. Dhe was happily banging them together and then I turned round and saw this.
It is upside down!

It has been hot and sunny so after morning nap we went out for a little walk. Down Gloucester Rd where I met another lady pushing a buggy looking for the library (she was on the wrong road ) she was doing exactly the same as me. Her daughter was a teacher and was back at work today. She was going to toddler singing and suggested I went with her but as Grace isn't going to be working on Mondays normally I declined.
We were heading to the swings in the main play area of Horfield Common. It was UP Wellington Hill. The name says it all! Hard work pushing these buggies.
It was really busy with families having picnics and sitting in the shade as well as playing on the equipment. Eda had a swing and then we went to the Common cafe for a coffee. I'd taken her a snack but forgot a drink. The lady had plastic beakers and water to help your self to. I'll be going back but will avoid the hill next time.

Returned the flatter way and let Eda have a second swing at the top playground which is closer but not as nice.

We've had a lovely day apart from the early transgression which I'm posting for comedy value!

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