Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


For a barrel of laughs you need a good Cooper.

I have a couple of hundred images from a day in Exeter, but I really liked this street art mural of Tommy Cooper on the Exe Bridge which I came across early in the day.

But first to resolve yesterday's cliffhanger. I presented myself at my original hotel first thing where they found that someone had forgotten to put my keys out the night before. They apologised, compensated me for my night in the other hotel, gave me breakfast and let me check straight in for my second night. On the whole, given my cash-only pariah status, I was so relieved that I didn't have to traipse around Exeter trying to find somewhere else to stay that I probably let them off quite easily.

I took myself on a good half day drift around the city before more purposefully heading up to St James Park where Exeter City were hosting Lincoln City in a Saturday afternoon fixture.I hadn't really explored Exeter before so it was good to start to familiarise myself with its history and present.

The football didn't go well for the Grecians; Lincoln managed to win 3-0 without looking too impressive. There's a slightly odd feel to the ground at the moment as an almost finished but empty new stand and an under construction terrace area means that only two sides  are occupied. Those two sides were pretty full though, so it was still a good atmosphere. I've put an album of images from in and around the stadium on Flickr.

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