Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Newly cut ...

Early evening light casts long shadows across the erstwhile formal garden in Benmore. The air is full of the scent of newly-mown grass, and birds are everywhere - though the swifts that swooped low on my last visit are no longer to be seen. On the hillside above, just as I'd been thinking I'd not seen any deer for a while, I suddenly caught sight of one the size of a large dog, slipping quietly into the shadow of the trees, and further on we were to see a black-tailed squirrel climbing in and out of a feeding box while its bright red sibling leaped through the tussocks beyond.

Do take a look, however, at my extra for today - the wonderful red seed-heads of the magnolia wilsonii have opened, and they look more amazing than ever. Autumn is well and truly here, and on a day like this it's wonderful!

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