Pictorial blethers

By blethers

All at sea

We’re sailing between Talinn and Copenhagen, a voyage that will go on till 8 o’clock tomorrow morning. After the sudden rain last night, the morning was bright blue - sky, sea - but suddenly we know we’re in a northern sea and it’s Autumn. We spent the morning on deck - walked a mile, drank tea, chatted to a Lebanese/Aussi couple - and went for lunch; when we emerged an hour later the decks were wet and the wind had increased.

We need our walks, however, and this photo was taken as we did another few circuits around 6pm. Huge banks of cloud come and go; the ship pushes on, occasionally shuddering under the impact of a wave. Tonight, the Captain tells us, the wind will increase and the waves grow to 2 metres, but with any luck we’ll be in bed by then and not notice.

And now it’s time to dress for dinner - it’s a formal night, so the LBD is coming out. It’s a hard life ...

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