Pictorial blethers

By blethers


We’re just back on board, having beaten the few drops of rain that threatened the last half mile of the walk back to the port from the Old Town.

Having been provided with an itinerary by #2 son, we were incredibly purposeful. I’d surpassed myself by making an online booking for the KGB Museum on the top two floors of the Viru Hotel, a tour guided by a quietly passionate woman who had once been able as a child to visit the hotel as a guest of a foreign visitor.  I found the questions asked by an American woman almost as illuminating as the tour itself...

As for the rest - we had coffee and pastries in Talinn ‘s oldest café, walked miles over very lumpy cobbles, visited two cathedrals ( Orthodox and Lutheran) and got lost on the way back to the ship. The weather was wonderful, not to say hot, but the clouds thickened while we were on the top end of town. I’m glad we came.

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