Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Fine weather

The weather the best part of the day, other than seeing Blipmate again and hearing all her news.
I set off to do some chores up town before heading for Nelson airport and discovered I had a flat tyre. A call to the AA and he put the little spare on so I could get tot the tyre people. I was told there was only one chap on and he was very busy however they listened to my pleas that I was due at the airport and did it straight away. A nail right through the tyre and tube.
I got underway again and was there with time to spare. Nelson Airport is being extended and only a few spaces for pick up and put down. I went round and round as no parks available. Blipmate arrived after an awful flight in and out of Wellington. The next hurdle was the pay to get out as I was over the free time and I had to get assistance to pay at the gate.
My right eye was playing up with grit from pollen or hayfever so I drove one eyed all the way home. We stopped off for a picnic lunch at Rabbit Island near where the whitebaiters fish. Seeing a kingfisher we dashed for our cameras only to find I hadn't taken the macro lens off since yesterday and hadn't bought the zoom lens with me. I snapped off a few shots anyway and so this is my wide angle weather entry.
I came home and had a sleep after all that effort.
The weather still fine.

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