Slaying Dragons

- Spent my time instant messaging with Lisa as I was getting ready to go to boxing.  
- went to boxing
- ran by Vic’s store as Pam was working there today and I could drop off the sample “Temple Bracelets” for her to show people at church on Sunday.
- While there, spoke with Birgit for about an hour.  I needed it.  We didn’t do lunch last Fri as she was in Utah with Maddie and this Fri I’ll be in New Bern at Bike MS and then the following week she’ll be at TrumpTurnberry, Scotland!
-  went to Kenan Auditorium to pick up a couple of tickets to Monday night’s concert there.
- drove through the “used” sections of a few of our higher end car dealerships.  Austin (oldest grandkid) has challenged me to take photos and send him a postcard of Jaguar cars.  Don’t see many around here and the nearest dealership is Cary or Greenville.  No luck finding any today.
- once home decided since I was already hot and sweaty from boxing that I would sit by the creek and get dragonfly photos.
- not sure if I slayed dragons or got myself slayed!

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