Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Frosty Sub-Sunday

I was up this morning at the crack of dawn with the hope of getting some frost shots over along one of the lakes this morning. Bundled up and fortified with some hot tea, I set off. The temps were well below freezing last night and when I arrived at the lake it was like someone had dipped the entire scene in crystallized sugar. Wowzer! I spent an hour wandering and shooting before coming home to warm up. This is my first attempt to do macro shots of frost and I am pleased with what I got today. I am planning to work on my technique to improve the shots, so any comments/suggestions are welcome. I used the new P510 set on macro for this which allows me to get the lens to within an inch or less of the subject. I posted the other contenders on a public page on Facebook if you'd like to have a peek.

This shot is nice in sugar-sprinkled LARGE.

Someone here suggested that "sub-Sunday" would be a great way to introduce blippers who may not get lots of eyes on their journal, but who take lovely pictures. That is tough because there are SO many gifted people here - I wasn't sure where to even start! But, as I was browsing journals this morning, I came across a photo that stopped me in my tracks, someone I've subscribed to for a short while and who takes intriguing shots. So, allow me to introduce Aussie!

I appreciate the comments, hearts and stars on my cardinal yesterday and delighted that you found him as beautiful as I did. There is something so special about a bright red bird, especially on a winter day! And how fortunate I am that I live in a part of the country where they are common feeder birds!

Well, I am off to do laundry and other sundry chores ... I've got a pot of chili in the slow cooker and some bread rising ... all I need to do is select a nice rustic red wine to go along with it. Bon appetit, blippers!


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