Abstract Thursday: Apple Harvest

There's no theme today for Ingeborg's Abstract Thursday challenge.

I've just spent a happy hour picking the apples from our tree. A few weeks ago I thought they were going to be rather small, but since we had some rain they've grown beautifully and I think this is the heaviest crop we've ever had in 33 years of living here. They're cooking apples and usually keep very well for several months.

We have a long-handled picker which I've blipped before (here) which makes it possible to get even the high apples down reasonably unscathed, although for the very top ones I had to use Mr Bump's technique (have you ever read that Mr Men book?) - shaking the tree and waiting for them to fall! Those ones are injured so they'll have to be used first.

I used the watercolour Art filter in the Olympus camera, then layered it with the unmolested photo in Photoshop, using the Vivid Light blending mode.

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