Friday 7th September 2018 - 2,190 blips, 6 years

Today is my 6th blipbirthday. It should have been on 25th August but I have broken the continuous record this year and missed a few. Thankyou to all my blipfriends over the years. My apologies for lack of comments over August, I was struggling to keep going. Thankyou to those who have stuck with me. I will catch up with you. 

Now to today ... and the almost last celebration of my 50th birthday! The big present from my congregation, the opportunity to drive three supercars. Seventeen of us set off in the mini bus at 8.45am to drive to Elvington near York. I then had a whale of a time, while they watched. 

After a briefing and then a demo drive in a saloon car I was out in the Ariel Atom. Quite a different experience. Four laps of the circuit, approx 7.5 miles. I managed about 80 on the straight. 

Second car, BMW i8 electric (extra). It was so quiet! Fun to drive, managed to hit 101 on the straight. It was a little disconcerting seeing the message on the dashboard (in extras) when you are about to set off. He assured me it was ok and as his life was in my hands I believed him. I found out afterwards it is because they don't use the main dealer for their repairs so it was just that the computer hadn't been programmed! 

Third car, Lamborghini (extra). By now I had learnt how to drive the course and gained in confidence. We hit 112 on the straight. I only wish the straight had been longer so I could have gone faster! 

Finished off with a high speed car ride, driven by a racing driver. He touched 130 ... and he wasn't driving a supercar! 

We travelled back cross country to Skipton, where we stopped for a fish and chip meal. A fabulous day all round.  

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