Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Morning Light

I made a quick trip back to the rose garden this morning on my way to the pool.  I knew that if I waited until after I would lose the light.  There are so many beautiful roses of all varieties and colors.  I thought about making a collage but I really didn't have time.  This rose really pops in large.  Many thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Fridays!

Speaking of being short on time...I've decided to turn my comments off for a few weeks starting today.  We're getting ready to leave for camping on Monday and I left too many things to do in the last few days before we leave.  We're meeting several people at the campground to spend the last two weeks with Rick and Susie (our camphosts) who will be retiring when they close on the 23rd.  We have a lot of things planned to give them a wonderful send off.  My plan is to try to post a blip every day but I may not have time to visit journals until I get back....but I'll try to drop in when I can.  

I am grateful that Becky got back from her business trip today instead of Monday.  She wants to "hang out" tomorrow which is why I've been so busy catching up today.  Time with Becky is always a priority! :-))

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