By Missycat

A fitting memorial

I thought carefully about putting up this picture, because graveyards and gravestones are not the most cheerful of images and this is also very personal.  However this is a very special one in that it has taken 76 years for this memorial to be placed.  The story behind it is a very sad one: my half brother and sister  tragically died in a house fire at their family home, aged 1 and 2, in 1942.  This being the war years I imagine that getting a gravestone made and installed was extremely difficult and so their grave remained unmarked.  Not only unmarked but neither I nor my half brother even knew of its whereabouts until he tracked it down in 2016.: ironically it is only a 20 minute drive from me at the City of London Cemetery. The plot had been purchased by our aunt all those years ago, which complicated matters as we had to produce quite a lot of paperwork before we could be registered as the new legal owners of rights to the plot.  Eventually this was done and we then set about having a memorial made, something that we felt was most important, that their short lives should be commemorated.  And so today, we finally managed to get together, to visit their newly marked grave: sadness and yet pleasure that finally we have put right what couldn't  be done all those years  ago.

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