Another Building Site

Monday morning comes around all too quickly.  I was running late, but still made the early bus in to work.  The office was freezing – it is time to ditch the last of the summer wardrobe in favour of my thermals I think.  I had a busy day.  I made myself go out for a walk at lunchtime in an effort to try and warm up.  I was then grateful to be at a training session in the afternoon in a different part of the building that actually felt warm.  When I eventually left the office it was raining and just cold and miserable.

When I got home, BB was watching a movie, and later he told me all about rugby training and about his classes at school.  Once he was in bed, he suggested that he might have homework that is due in tomorrow!!!

Here is another Edinburgh building site.  I hadn’t realised how well developed it is becoming till I stopped and looked at it today.

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