By passremarkable


At the end of the summer term, impressed by the work of one particular student in the A-level art exhibition at my school, I commissioned a portrait of my dad, who we've been missing now for six years. It's a drawing of him looking into the sun standing in his favourite spot beside the sea, right where he grew up. I took the original photo myself - feels like yesterday - and this is a true portrait that makes me smile back every time I look at it. I made a copy for one of my sisters and, rather unexpectedly, she claims not to like it, doesn't think it's dad at all. It always surprises me how differently we humans view things. I was really pleased to have the opportunity to get one of my ex-students to draw something for me before he heads off to study architecture at uni, and I'll enjoy having a wee chinwag with dad when I get him on the wall in my new abode.

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