Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Open weekend

Is this London's Open Weekend? I'm not sure, but it's certainly Winchester's and today was day one.  (Yes, I know, it isn't the weekend, but what d'you expect, logic??)

Anyway, I've decided to try for blips from all 4 days.

This is the Hospital of St Cross, an ancient home for old men, or an old home for ancient men, expect you've seen blips from here before.  I know it well, but was hoping that on the 'open weekend' they would open parts of it most of us have never seen.  That, I thought, was the point.  Never mind, the sun shone and they were letting you in for free, so who could complain?  (Don't answer).

This shot was taken as I was coming back from the medieval kitchens.  The far door leads down some steps out into the courtyard.  I liked what the sun was doing to the colour of the walls - it looked almost like crumbling grandeur in India.  And of course the woman in pink coming in just then was a gift.

In Extras is a shot of the lower tier of the ambulatory.  It was the completely enclosed (Elizabethan?) upper layer I was particularly hoping to see, where the Warden used to walk from his rooms to the church on wet days.  Looks beautiful, but apparently too crumbling to let folks up there.

Okay, that's me.  Happy Thursday evening  xx

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