Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

The Inimitable Mr Hoyle

Oh wow, what a change in the weather.  We woke to snow and it kept falling on and off all day long.  At times like this experience comes to the fore and Ken (KenH) epitomises wisdom and knowledge of the ages.  While the rest of the party were out in the elements, he found the perfect spot to photograph the landscape before him, and stayed dry!

We visited Cascade Pools, Bankshead and briefly Lake Minniewanka, where we had a well deserved hot beverage of choice to warm our bodies.  For lunch we returned to this shelter, which had been set up with a wood burner to keep us warm.  We were still up for more after food so we headed back to Hillsdale Meadows where the snow provided some lovely conditions.

I've added a few extras (and put some in for the previous days) as well as an album elsewhere.

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