Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Morant's Curve

Another amazing day.  No time to process any images, I'll add some more when I can.  

So many thanks for the response from Blippers to the images.  Any of you who have been on an LPH foreign trip will know there is precious little time to yourself, so please take it from me I really appreciate the interest.


I've now had a chance to process a few more images (jet lag has its advantages).  

It was a busy and varied day yesterday, travelling along the Bow Valley Parkway (the original main road through this part of the Rockies), visiting different places including Hillsdale Meadow with it's wonderful autumnal colours, Johnston Canyon and its waterfalls, Castle Mountain,  before ending at Morant's Curve for the train.  We started our journey at 7 am and didn't return to the hotel until 5 pm.

The clouds and mountains are just stunning and if it were possible we'd be stopping every few minutes for a new vista to be captured.  I've started a new collection of black and white images to try and capture some of the majesty of this area.

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