Virgin Media

They have taken 3 months to come a remove the cabinet that was damaged in an accident - which I blipped then. You can bet your bottom dollar that they would have  been round the next day if there were any cables in there.The fence and the post box were repaired within a couple of days. I wonder how long this ‘barrier’ will remain in place - until the first gales of autumn probably.

Picked another 1.5 kg of tomatoes this morning - made them into sauce, so we will be having meatballs for tea. Also used 1.5kg of redcurrants from the freezer to make jelly. Only have 2.5 kg of currants left to use up now.

Sadly I dropped my jam thermometer and the little column inside has snapped. Will just have to use my digital temperature probe in future, but it can’t be left in the jam whilst it is cooking. It gets too hot and stops working temporarily.

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