Spotted this on our morning walk - someone didn’t make the corner! I can only imagine the damage to the vehicle - although there don’t seem to be any bits left behind.. so I am wondering if it was a lorry that misjudged the turn!

The green cabinet is one of several around the village that are purely 'ornamental' - not one of our broadband cabinets. Many years ago, in the rush to get cable TV everywhere, our village and the surrounding roads were dug up to lay cables (or at least the ducting for the cables). The village was never connected, even though we suffer terrible TV reception as we are in a dip..I am sure that there would have been many takers!

Posted some more orders out this morning, made a batch of strawberry jam and popped up to the village gala this afternoon. The rain held off until just after closing time! Some beer and hotdogs and ice cream may have been consumed. A quick visit to both village pubs on the way home was also undertaken.

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