Escape From Fudge Mountain

Today we went to Clumber Park with our daughter and her husband and our granddaughters, to visit the Food and Drink Festival.

Quite an interesting day and if you like gin it would have been perfect! There were lots of stalls selling different varieties.

This was our family ‘do’ for my birthday (which is tomorrow)… and it was expected that I would not be driving home. Sadly there was not a beer stall in no samples for me and I was able to drive home!

Coffee, churros, crispy duck wraps and tea and scones were consumed during the day, as well as lots of samples of curry, chutneys, jams, honey, fudge and pies!

We did come back with some lovely cheeses and a large bag of sausages as well as assorted curry pastes and dry spice mixes. We also got some fudge from this amazing display.

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