When we were very young

When he first retired, Mr hazelh scanned all the negatives of our vast photograph collection. Now he is compiling photo books that comprise the best pictures. Yesterday we took delivery of two new volumes that he has worked on over the past few months: 1990-1991 and 1992-1993. Putting them together is a mammoth task, but the output (as blipped) is so worth it.

On campus today I had much more fun than yesterday at home. The highlight was a gathering of a number of my research group at lunchtime - 3 PhD students and 4 academic staff - to enjoy the Swiss chocolates that Bruce allegedly brought back for his from his cycling holiday across Europe. We all know that he really bought them just a couple of days ago in Tesco! Oh, and at my annual review meeting today my boss told me that I am outstanding :-)

I ended the week with an empty email inbox - until Bruce sent me a message at 18:37!

Exercise today: walking (12,672 steps)

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