Come on over, ShirleyRay, I’ll be ready for you in ten minutes!

Once again it’s Silly Saturday, and after going to Jack’s last Saturday and not being able to find a table we decided we wouldn’t bother to go up today.  However, we did go up to see our friends on Thursday so they know that we haven’t deserted them!

Chatting to one of my Blip friends, ShirleyRay, the other day, she told me that one of her little pleasures in life is having a foot soak using lavender Epsom salts, which I had never heard of.  She also said that it reminded her of her Mom because she loved soaking her feet and then Shirley gave her a foot massage afterwards. 

I decided, therefore, that I would look for some lavender Epsom salts the next time I went out shopping;  I found some and was surprised at how cheap it was for a packet.  As Mr HCB is working in the garden he won’t be able to give me a foot massage so I decided to get out the foot spa to massage my feet and, of course, I used the lavender-flavoured Epsom salts.  I gathered a few sprigs of lavender from the garden - and hey presto, Blip done! 

I just wish ShirleyRay lived a little nearer but I think Las Vegas to the UK would take rather too long - and actually just to come over to give me a foot massage would be rather silly - although I daresay we would find something else to do together too! 

The feet are looking good and all I need now is a cup of coffee - perhaps I can persuade Mr HCB to make me one, if I can drag him away from the garden - but that is definitely silly - dragging him away from the garden that is, not making me a cup of coffee, which he often does! ;-) 

Just noticed that it says on the packet:
Purify, Relax and Unwind 
Helps Relax the Mind and Body to
Promote a Restful Night's Sleep.
Softens skin & Soothes Muscle Aches & Pains.

I just wonder if the effect will last until bedtime or am I being silly?

“The human foot is
     a masterpiece of engineering
          and a work of art.”
Leonardo da Vinci
P.S.  I don’t suppose you even noticed the pink robe and flip flops!

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