Sheringham 40's Weekend

As many of you know, we love this weekend....or did. 

Today, after a not very good night's sleep, I woke at 6 and got up. I took Bracken out and by 6.30 was down the allotment sorting out the chickens. The rats are back unfortunately. There aren't any eggs either - I don't know why. 

I was back home just after 7, and cleaned the kitchen, washing up all of yesterday's stuff. I took Jon a cup of tea up at 8 and then we got dressed up for our day out. For the first time in about 10 years of this event, I wore a different dress. One given to me by my friend Tracey. It used to belong to her nan, and it was really nice to feel a bit posher this time. I dosed myself with ibuprofen and we headed to Sheringham in the sunshine. We got there about 10.30. It was heaving with people. At the entrance to the platform, they wanted £5 each for platform tickets. We had already decided not to go on the train, as, due the popularity of this event, you rarely get a seat any more, and it isn't a cheap trip. There are 3 stations that take part, each charging £5 per adult for entry to the platform, which is where it is all happening - stalls full of vintage clothes and memorabilia, and music, food, drink, you get the picture. It used to be £2 each, and that was reasonable - the man selling tickets said they had increased the price because people were just staying on the platform all day......but isn't that the idea? Oh well.

We paid our money at Sheringham, but there wasn't a huge amount going on. A man did take my photo though. I bought some shoes which were modern, but more the style I needed. They were £5.50 which I thought was a bargain. Then we caught the free vintage bus (which I would happily have paid £1 or two for) to Holt. We did the same at Holt, browsed the stalls but didn't buy anything except a cup of tea. Then the vintage bus back to Sheringham (we bumped into fellow blippers Gracie & Bom on the bus - I bet they have some fab photos of the day!) At Sheringham we walked back to our car. I would like to have visited Weybourne station, but it wasn't on the bus route, would have cost another tenner, and we were feeling tired by then!

It was a nice day, but not the same feeling as previous years. Maybe because we have done it so often now, and the children don't come with us anymore. We might leave it a few years, and may even visit one in another part of the country. Pickering and Haworth both hold 40's weekends, so something to think about for the future. I've added a few more photos, which are not just us (but a fair few are)!! 

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