Silly ........

 ........... Saturday Spider Skirmish  (sils102) - with thanks to admirer for hosting these happy days each week.

Better battle bigger ....

With the size of the garden and the size of this fuchsia (over three feet tall and three feet across) I wondered why these two different types of spider chose to hunt within a few inches of each other.
The one on the left seemed to have squatters rights with the other one advancing every few minutes only to be repelled ...... my spider ID qualifications are non-existant ....... so it may  have been a mating thing or a fighting thing but, which ever it was, it was stealthy and then it was fast and furious leg attacks - a bit like spider kick-boxing.

Lefty always kept his/her position, Righty was the mover and initial aggressor - and it was always Righty that was dislodged and left dangling from its web - didn't stop him/her coming back time after time though.    
Very interesting to watch (from a distance) - I seem to be having a spidery week.

~ Anni ~

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