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Granny is a wonder

No alarm this morning, which meant, having stayed up later than expected Blipping, that I slept until after 9am. It took a while to hatch a plan for the day - I always have at the back of my mind that this will be the Sunday when I actually do some school work... Well, no, today was not to be that day either. 
R, K and I took a walk down the busway to the Station Tavern on the scent of something that we haven't had in a long time, probably because the summer (especially the one we just had) isn't as conducive to such indulgences - a Sunday roast. 
En route we passed the site of Thursday's fatal accident between a cyclist and a bus on the guided busway, marked by flowers from friends of the man involved. We theorized about what might have happened but couldn't quite get our heads around it. 
The roasts did not disappoint and the experience was only enhanced by a round of testing Trivial Pursuits questions. We had a right laugh over what we did and didn't know. Once the roasts had settled a bit, and we had discussed the reasons for my now 3-month long meat-free existence, we moved over to the Old Ticket Office for an al fresco dessert and found, much to sis's and my delight, a game we had played as kids with our gran - pictured above. We made K play it with us (I'm not very sure he agreed that it really was 'Fun for every age' - the claim on the box) and regaled him with stories of outings with our gran back in the day before walking back home in the sunshine. We didn't subject him to the song we invented about our gran when we were probably 10, 12 and 13 - the song we can all 3 of us remember - mostly because he has heard it far too many times already. Granny is a wonder, a wonder wonder woo... No, I'll save that for another day.
A rather perf little Sunday outing.

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