Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Non-aggression pest - #MM243,

This morning I played the role of location pest outside the cathedral, where a huge cast and crew were gathered to film Winston Churchill's funeral for series three of The Crown.  How did I know it was happening?  Because I'm nosy.  It has been obvious since Saturday that something was going to happen because of the huge - and huge number - of cherry pickers, cranes and general location vehicles that were being assembled.  That was also why one of the Open Weekend events had to be cancelled, they were squeezed out!

Anyway, one of the location guys told me what would be going on and yesterday I hopped over the ropes at the cathedral entrance to ask a sidesmen how long the place would be closed for.  He told me all day but said he didn't know why.  When I told him he thought it hilarious.  'But we were told it was a close secret', he said - then rushed off to tell the gang.  Oh dear, how bad I am.

So this morning.  I walked down there and was surprised to see the crew hadn't been allowed to barrier off much of the outside.  The actors were having their hair and make-up done in the empty marquees left over from the Flower Festival and you could still walk through the Inner Close.  So I did.

Main pic is Helena Bonham Carter, who is playing Princess Margaret.  In Extras is Tobias Menzies, who plays Prince Philip .  Don't you just love their plastic hair clips?

The funniest thing was that just before the Location Manager sent a heavy over to move me on, one of the extras on set asked me to take a pic of him as they hadn't been allowed to even bring phone cameras.  So I took a quick snap to send him then escaped.  I have a policy of total non-aggression when I'm taking shots people would rather I didn't.  When they say 'no', that's it.

And it was.  Many thanks to Ellaphant for hosting today's MonoMonday, theme, 'Escape'.  And enjoy the rest of your day, lovely blippers  xx

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