Eagle Owl

I so couldn't decide which image to have as my main blip today - this eagle owl flying straight at me, or my first extra of Mum having a Chilean Blue Eagle come in to land on her arm. I admit I am really pleased with both images and look forward to being able to process them properly when I get home. Mum even allowed a Harris Hawk to land on her head!

These were taken in a birds of prey display up on the mountain, reached after a ten minute cable car ride. The mountain was swathed in cloud and we feared it might rain which would have put a stop to the show but our fears were unfounded. It was a fantastic experience, with birds flying so close as to brush our heads with their wings! I never tire of seeing the wonderful birds in the show being released to fly high above the mountains. A vulture and a kestrel have also been included in extras.

There's another shot of the Chilean Blue Eagle in my b&w journal!

Thank you so much for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's blip - I'm so pleased you liked it!

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