Heavy Metal (Widwed190918)

Well - I did say I liked heavy metal.

I'm also quite fond of industrial architecture so a trip to Edstone Aqueduct ticked a few boxes for me today.   I had expected to blip just the structure itself, but this narrow boat came along just at the right moment.  If it hadn't been so windy the lady driving(?) it might have stopped for a chat and I could have asked her about the beautifully polished engine I saw as it glided by.    Said to be the longest Aqueduct in England - Edstone is on the Stratford upon Avon Canal which joins the Avon in Stratford to the Grand Union near Lapworth and goes on to Kings Norton in Birmingham.

My effort for Wide Wednesday on the optional theme of metal.  I'm looking forward to going through the other entries later today and I'll make the awards tomorrow.

Sad news on Freespiral's journal re Sarum Stroller.  

One from below in the extra - shows the structure supporting the trough. 

Edit: I'm not following what has happened to the fender at the front of the boat.  It is blurred and yet other things nearer and further away are sharp. It was quite windy - but I wouldn't have thought windy enough to have it moving.

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