Warming Up and Wide Wednesday Results.

Something of a hurried blip today as we have been sorting out the last minute things before going off for ~10 days in our motorhome. We're going to the South of England, Winchester, Chichester and Littlehampton - cycling may be swapped for taking the train!

A minor drama with some of the trees behind our fence as the wind is  bringing down any dubious branches - not that we can do much about them now in the dark and it will be windy again over the next few days. Hopefully we won't return to find any real damage has been done.

While we are away the floor in our conservatory will be tiled, over the under floor heating elements which are my blip for today - seriously fartnarkled of course. 

So - Wide Wednesday - which was on the theme of Metal.
I'll go for 5 favourites and 5 honourable mentions as I'll be travelling tomorrow and don't know what WiFi I'll have later on. 

The usual good spread of entries and some great images - thanks to everyone who entered.   I could say something positive about all of them. 

Favourites go to:
Chris F - Jodrell bank fitting the theme very well.

Freyad - a Yorkshire gateway in great light.

Frani - a geometric handrail

Miffy - the Jainie Seddon rusting away

Richard G - A beach sunset and a Haiku

And honourable mentions to:
RDSPhotography - a rusting door vent
Sheol - Guitar Strings & BeBop Deluxe!
Miranda1008 - metal horses
DollyDoug - even a supermarket can be blippable!
BB888 - spiky railings

A special mention for Hanulli - blipping on a very fraught day!
And for BobsBlackBlips - a metal roofed barn in the hot sun.

Normal service will be resumed next week with Bob's return - the optional theme is old, the tag widwed260918

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