The Nights Are Drawing In

Back to work for me and school for BB.  He was out early as he had rugby training.  I was ready in good time, then my shoe lace snapped as I was getting ready to leave and before I knew it I was running late.  I made my train and spent a busy and stressful morning in the office, before running for a  train to a meeting in Glasgow.  I was being met at Croy station by a colleague, who was driving to the meeting so I had to remember to get off there.  The meeting was useful, but I am not sure how much further it has taken our planning.

It was then back to the office, to find a few more impossible questions in my in box.  I was glad to eventually leave for the day.  By the time I got home it was pouring, but I made it in just before the torrential rain. Poor BB was at football training, and he came home drookit.

Not much in the way of blip opportunities today. I took this on my way to the bus stop this evening.


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