By passremarkable

P for progress, S for Sarah

Sarah, my plumber, is pretty amazing for the following reasons, amongst others. 
1. Sarah fixes problems for you before you ever knew that you had a problem. 
2. Sarah is not afraid to make a decision on your behalf (actually based on what she knows about you), but tells you that it's still possible to change that decision if you disagree. 
3. Sarah gives advice based on actual experience.
4. Sarah remains calm under pressure. 
5. Sarah communicates extremely well via Whatsapp.
6. Sarah has a great team of other skilled people around her whom she can bring in at the drop of a hat.
7. Sarah created a bathroom for me whilst I was out of the country in Peru two years ago.
8. Sarah takes the time to talk you through whatever it is you need to talk through.
9. Sarah is completely trustworthy, decent and honest.
10. Sarah is what we call back in the homeland 'good craic'. 
Enough? Seriously, if anyone in my area needs a great plumber, she's the one, if you can get her.
Today, after 3 days of dirty work and prep work, the new bathroom is emerging and I am feeling excited for the first time that the former freakin' filthy ugly duckling may just have started the transition into my kind of swan. 

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