Work, followed a bit of shopping and going to get a new town centre discount card which may be worth having.
Next I headed off to the care home to spend a little while with Jeanie, and then to go to a meeting for relatives with the latest manager. He seems fine but a lot of what he said echoed what previous managers have promised and then failed to deliver. A good opportunity to say hello to some other relatives that I don't see that often. The meeting went on way longer than I expected so it was about 9.30 by the time I got home, and I hadn't had any dinner etc, only a couple of cheese straws. It was really stormy too, thankfully I missed the heavy downpours.
Harry and Selena had eaten already so I just had a slice of malt loaf and headed off to bed. But then although I was really tired I couldn't nod off, and then Selena was violently ill several times, (my cooking not to blame), so a rather disturbed night all round.

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