An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Today has revolved around this little lady.

The radiator in the double guest bedroom was put up to number 5 to ensure the bedroom was warm and cosy for Esme's (and my first) newborn photo shoot.  

I gathered the props and set about testing the light, getting myself a little wound up in the process as I am not sure what I'm doing (posed shots are not really me, mainly because I don't feel skilled enough so prefer more natural candid shots like the one of mum and baby in extras, which was taken as Nikki lifted Esme from her pose to feed her) and I didn't want to disappoint Nikki and Andrew.

The plan had been to get some posed photos of Esme then a few of her individually with mum and dad, then all together in a family shot.  Unfortunately Esme decided being fed was more important than having her photo taken and although I got loads of shots of her on her own, by the time her feed was over the light was too far gone to get family shots.  Oh well, a good excuse to get together again soon :-)

Andrew and Nikki stayed for dinner.  Andrew's choice - steak pie - and after we'd had ours Esme was looking for some more of her gold top milk.  Nikki  had expressed a bottle for her so I got to feed her.  What a pleasure that was.  Extra snuggles while this little angel held my finger and made those cute little suckling noises.  Not forgetting the very unladylike burps, which she has mastered beautifully.

She lay on my knee afterwards and I gazed at her in her milk coma, little windy smiles tickling the corners of her mouth, and I wondered how it was possible that my nephew, who once lay on my lap in exactly the same way, could be old enough to be her dad.  I could not be prouder of him.  He is absolutely wonderful with her and clearly proud as punch.

They left just before 10pm and I have started editing the gazillion shots I took. Nikki has seen a couple of them and to my relief, she is delighted.  There will be many more opportunities to photograph this little one, which is just as well as I am already thinking about what I would do differently.  

But that aside, I look at the photos and my heart just swells with love for this little angel.  So good to have a baby in the family again.

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