By Viewpoint

Loxley Valley: Autumn approaching

I wanted to check out what small trees might be available locally so we had a trip out to the Loxley Valley Garden Centre, where we also had lunch (very good).  This is the view across the valley from their cafe.  You can’t actually see out of the garden centre grounds as they’ve planted a shelter belt of trees and shrubs around it - very sensible as the wind will whistle down the valley.  This is one of the river valleys that leads down into Sheffield, so our route today was very much up and down hill as we had to cross the Don valley before we got here.  Fortunately many of the roads are really high quality because they were resurfaced for the Tour de France.  

Oh and we bought a plant - I let the insects choose one for me and this was by far and away the most popular.  It’s going to stay in a pot while it’s in flower and then I’ll cut it back before overwintering in a cold frame.

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