My first image of 2018 of a small copper butterfly. I was beginning to give up hope of seeing one. The other pic is a bee on orange hawkweed, also known as fox-and-cubs and hen-and-chicks. Nice coppery autumn colours.

Got me thinking of Coppertone sun tan lotion. We used to take it on our family sailing holidays in the 70s. I remember the copper-coloured bottle with the little girl on it with a naughty puppy pulling her knickers down. This was before sun cream came in all the factors available today. I've read that it was invented by US military airman Benjamin Green who developed a petroleum based jelly to protect himself and his comrades in the South Pacific in World War II. After the war he improved it by including cocoa butter, coconut oil and jasmine. The original and memorable sunscreen scent. He tested it on his bald head. 

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