By strawhouse

Big Day

Today was a big day for this little one.
We've lived in Buckinghamshire since she was two and have always vaguely thought she'd do the 11+ to get into the grammar school.
In the unimaginable far off future when she was ten!!!
Today was the day. Eek!!
I was working so Mr K took her to the venue this morning. I felt ridiculously emotional as I hugged her before I left and wished her luck. I cried once I was alone in the car! It's so huge and she's so tiny and there's nothing we can do to make sure everything works out OK for her. It's her first taste of the big, bad world and it was terrifying.
I know I sound ridiculously over dramatic but I have never felt so much anxiety for her and never so powerless to do anything about it!!
Luckily she's made of sterner stuff than me and was an absolute star apparently. Mr K said she was calm and sensible and really grown up. They took this photo before she went in and it's one of my favourite ever pictures of her.
I was teaching at 9.30am when the test started and as I looked at the seconds ticking by on the clock it was all I could do not to start hyperventilating and rambling incoherently about my beautiful little girl doing something so hard and scary. Thankfully I managed not to!!!
Mr K said that she was fairly upbeat when she came out which was great. 
Now we wait. 
Whatever happens she makes us proud.

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