By strawhouse


It's like Autumn has arrived overnight. Freezing cold and windy. It only seems like five minutes since I was moaning about it being so ridiculously hot. Moan, moan, moan!!!
Fourth day in a row working today. This time a two hour session at a toddler group in Aylesbury. There were millions of kids there and I spent most of the time shouting all the songs and trying to make myself heard. I needed a cup of tea and some Soothers afterwards. 
Happy to have finished work for the week I headed home. Got about ten minutes away from the venue and then remembered I'd left my toy bus which I need for my props bag. Uggh.
Back I had to go.
Then it was home for avocado and mushroom on toast (still addicted!) and a cup of tea before taking Archie out. It's nice to have a proper Friday feeling!!

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