By strawhouse

The Look of Love!!

I don't normally look adoringly at Mr K so I thought this had better be my Blip today!!
We had a lovely day out in Oxford at the University Alumni event. It's that day of the year where Mr K and I attempt to improve ourselves!
Nanny kindly came to look after the Little Misses for us and after dropping them off at the pool for Miss E's swimming we headed off to Oxford.
We had booked an early tour of Campion Hall at 9.30am but thankfully annoyingly it was cancelled so we didn't have to go until later.
First of all we had a tour of the Conservation Department at the Bodleian Library. It was absolutely fascinating!! It was amazing to be behind the scenes and hear how they conserve all the documents and artefacts in their collections.
We saw the original drawings and manuscripts from the My Naughty Little Sister series which Shirley Edwards has given to the Bodleian to store and archive for posterity. 
And most fascinatingly a 500 year old Mogul manuscript  (see extras) which they're restoring after it was bodged together into a hideous binding in the 19th Century. They use microscopic amounts of agarose which gives off enough moisture to dissolve the adhesive but doesn't affect the  paper. The copper in the illustrations is eating through the paper and they need to painstakingly repair it with Japanese tissue. So much time and effort and science which means we can look at these things for hundreds of years more!! 
They were all so happy in their work!! What a rewarding career! I will be mentioning it to the Little Misses.
From there we went to the Mathmatics Institute for lunch and then a talk by four Fellows and heads of departments on the last hundred years of Mathmatics and where it will go in the next hundred years. Most of it went over my head but it was so interesting! Like listening to Brian Cox - it makes sense when he's saying it but then disappears in a puff of confusion when you try and think about it afterwards!!
After that we headed back into town and The Eagle and Child where Mr K and I went on our first date back in 2006. We met on a blind date at the Jericho Cafe in Jericho and were both too nervous to eat straight away so I suggested we go for a drink nearby. We went to The Eagle and Child and I downed a pint in one go and proceeded to talk at Mr K for the next six hours. 
Ha ha, it all worked out OK!!
A couple of Adnams gins and tonic before we headed to Christchurch College and had a lovely walk along the river and round the meadows.
Then we were knackered and it was time to go home.
What a lovely day out!

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