Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Going fast!

This old bike against the tree was a great photo prop to see if I could make it look like it was moving with some intentional camera movement.
This is the best shot.  

And oh my,  we are having a cooler day here today with a very nice cool breeze!!   And a little overcast.  We had a whopping big thunderstorm last night that brought some rain we needed here but not in other areas.   

Our state is still dealing with flooding of the Waccamaw River which crested yesterday at 11 feet above flood stage.  They said it will be  early or mid week next week before the river gets back to its normal level.   This river is making its way toward another city where people have been evacuated before the river reaches flood stage there where it will be moving into the ocean.   So sad.  

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