Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Jeremiah was a bull frog

Was a good friend of mine
never understood a word he said
but helped him drink his wine
and he always had some mighty fine wine - Three Dog Night, 1971

Okay, so in the interest of full disclosure, Jeremiah in this instance is actually an American Toad and would be more aptly named Jemima as I believe she's a girl.  She is also missing one eye, as it turns out, but it does not seem to have affected her ability to be an excellent garden tenant.  But I digress...

Jemima agreed to help me pick the favorite TT entries for this week, and without further adieu, Toady Hearts go to...

Freespiral for the teensiest, weenstiest spider hiding in plain sight
ShirleyRay for an extreme close up of a smiling dragon
Sheol for a shot that kept me coming back for another look, very creative and well done
KangaZu for her up-close and personal look at a ... slug!  And see if you can spot the bonus creature in the image.
Kwchas for a beautiful, subtle butterfly, shot at an interesting angle
BigE for a lovely macro image of a wedding ring, with a compelling DOF
MrsHappy for an interesting look at the filament in a light bulb

And Toady HM's to the following...

KimB for her cool and colorful moth
DollyKray for this very intriguing image 
Hanullis for her cleverly camouflaged little green thing
BlackTulip for a really well composed and framed shot of the tiniest of spiders
fitzbilly for a shot that made me laugh out loud, especially reading the title.

It has been a very fun month hosting TinyTuesday, and I want to thank everyone who participated.  You may have made my job hard, but you also gave me so many wonderful images to look at.  

Three monarchs released today, total of 202 to date.  One hummingbird still hanging around as of this morning.  Something raided the Bistro last night and I'm now down two feeders so everything comes in tonight.  


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