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Sometimes I surprise myself - I'm not a "craft" kind of person (although my embroidery skills are pretty good) but I have a Lloyd Loom ottoman from the 1950's - it was in my bedroom from when I was about ten and has moved with me through the years and is now here in our bedroom. 
It used to be the original Lloyd Loom pastel green with a green tapestry padded seat - sometime in the late seventies/early eighties I painted it black and re-covered it - it's lasted really well but yesterday I decided it needed a "refresh".
 It's still black but I bought some foam and some new padding and used a piece of fabric that I found at Mum's and re-covered it - now I have an ottoman that is probably 60+ years old (that originally belonged to my Mum and Dad) and it's sporting a new seat with some of Mum's fabric - how nice is that for memories!   
I took me about four hours but I think it's turned out well.

I suspect I have slashed the value but the value of memories are more important than the value in hard cash.


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Thank you sooooo much to the 114 blippers who joined in with the challenge last week - once again some fabulous photos.

~ Anni ~

I had to stand on a stepladder to take this from above to get it all in shot - lol!  The things we do for blip, eh?

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